The system provides the service for citizens to pay the most of the payments like municipal taxes, tax authorities, vehicle taxes and city and police fines.

Xamarin, Android, iOS, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL

This is easy to use solution that enables more citizens to pay their duties on time and provides better service for the citizens. Implemented as REST service, notification service, mobile applications, back-office and import system. The users can sign-up to the system using mobile application for iOS or Android and then be able to pay different payments using credit cards and see financial history reports. Payment workflow initiated using the mobile app and runs through the payment system called via API. REST service provides the API of the payment system, user management, etc. for using in the client applications, such as mobile or back-office. Notification service sends the push notifications to users with the payment information and reminders. Back-office provides the functionality for managing accounts, payment processes and financial control reports for accounting. Import system provides the functionality to import all the payment information from files to a centralized database.